Botox or Xeomin Injections $11/unit most treatments take at least 50 units, minimum is 20 units.

Upper face: 50 units (forehead, crow's-feet and 11s)

Lip Flip add on 10 units (combined with another area)

TMJ or Masseter 50 units

Regenerative Cosmetic Treatments

EZ Gel Bio Stimulator Under eye treatment/and cheek $770 per treatment

EZ Gel x three treatments with 10% discount $2,079.00 if paid at once.

Microneedling with Platelet Rich Fibrin or Plasma plus hyaluronic acid $750

Add on Hands/neck $200

Glass facial: PRP/PRF plus topical Botox $850

Micro needling with hyaluronic acid $350

Full face regenerative treatment: EZ Gel (two areas) plus full face micro needling including neck $1350

three treatments with 10% discount is $3780

Medical Treatments and Injections

PRP (platelet rich plasma)- one joint$600

PRP - bilateral joints $800

Corticosteroid Joint injection - $400 one joint, $600 bilateral joints.

Visco Injections coming soon - $410

Weight loss programs that include medications $350-$550

Before receiving any prescription medication or treatment in person, it is important that patients undergo a thorough evaluation to determine their eligibility and suitability for the proposed treatment. The evaluation process may include a comprehensive medical assessment, discussions about medical history, and an examination by a qualified healthcare provider. Treatment decisions should be made based on the individual needs and circumstances of each patient. Please contact Keep Moving Health at 863-215-1881 to schedule an evaluation and discuss your specific healthcare needs. Your health and well-being are our top priority, and we are committed to providing safe and effective care tailored to your unique requirements